The birth of a brilliant brand

Born: January 1st, 2015 || Denver, CO

Bee-High is a social-profit company leading the new generation with a bold mission and clear vision.Join the fastest-growing community for responsible, respectable, regular users.

And discover simple, social shopping that’s changing the world.


Every purchase at Bee-High supports social causes making the world a better place.
Every time you order… $1 is donated to save the bees (via HoneyLove)


Bee-High is shattering the outdated stereotypes and negative stigmas of the community.

It does not determine your identity.

It does not hinder your potential.

It does not control your success in life.

Responsible users will be respected.

Simply stated… “be high.”

We’ve got your back.

It’s time to finally break free from old-school negative stigmas and “lazy stoner” stereotypes.


To the full-time professional loading a well-earned bong bowl after work,

To the ambitious student rolling a fresh blunt after rocking final exams,

To the proud parent sparking a joint to relax at the end of the night,

To the medical patient finding happiness and hope in medicine,

Smoke loud.

Live proud.

And stay stoned to success.



Our core values are the simple ingredients to an elevated lifestyle.
Tap into a better life with the secret recipe to be happy, healthy, and high.

Enjoy a simple selection you can browse with ease.

Our inventory is intentionally limited to save your sanity.

Don’t waste your time clicking through thousands of products at other sites trying to clear out their warehouse.

We do all the work finding, testing, and sorting the best products so you don’t have to. 

Items that don’t make the cut are eliminated instead of put “on sale”. 

So every item in stock is a qualified keeper with proven customer satisfaction.

We’ve made it basically impossible for you to make a bad choice. (you’re welcome!)

Pretty easy, huh?

Just jump in an find your fave.

100% Transparency. 0% Bullshit.

Bee-High takes pride in delivering a clean, clear and consistent shopping experience.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • FREE Shipping – Always… Any order in the USA.
  • Stable Pricing – trust solid prices all the time
  • Consistent Quality – top-rated products only

Here’s what you should NOT expect from Bee-high:

  • Shipping minimums, extra requirements, and upsales.
  • Countdown timers, scarcity, urgency or stress-inducing tactics (“only 3 left!”)
  • Cheesy sales, promos, and ads to get rid of inventory.

Bee-High delivers a superior customer experience from start-to-finish.

We spend $0 on advertising. 

Instead, we re-invest resources to offer you superior service that sells for itself via word-of-mouth.

You deserve better than “average.”

So we serve you better than “average.”

Discover the superior experience and enjoy a rockstar status.

If you need ANY thing at all for your order – We’ve got you covered.

Inspired by Zappos, we take pride in effortless, worry-free shopping.

Your happiness is the heartbeat of our company…

And at a 99%+ satisfaction rate… I’d say its pretty healthy!

Most of our customers plan to stick around forever. 

And we know you will too. 🙂

Ready to elevate your life?