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A “bong” is the common name for a water pipe used to smoke.

But you’re not the first to take a rip from this wonderful creation.

The term bong actually comes from the Thai word “Baung” – a cylindrical smoking tube made of wood or bamboo. 

During the Vietnam War era; American soldiers discovered the “Baung”.  Upon returning from the war, the water pipe concept migrated back to the US with the soldiers.

However; the native dialect of the word “Baung” (pronouncedbah-owng) was difficult to grasp. So in typical American fashion; the word was simplified to “bong” and everyone rolled with it.


American Bong (left) and Thai Baung (right)


So, why does it matter how you smoke?

What’s the difference between smoking blunts, pipes, or bongs?

The short answer – HEAT.

Besides the obvious physical differences of blunts and bongs; the primary variation is the temperature of the smoke being inhaled.

Blunts and joints offer a convenient smoke session – but at the hottest smoke temperature. Handheld glass pipes offer similar convenience – but with slightly cooler smoke. And finally – bongs (or water pipes) offer the coolest smoking temperatures of all.

The final temperature of your smoke has a significant effect on your overall smoking experience.

Hot hits of smoke can cause unnecessary discomfort, coughing, and even damage to the lungs at the most extreme temperatures.

Cool hits of smoke offer a more refreshing and uplifting experience that is less harmful.

Take a look at the temperatures of the most popular smoking preferences below.



Smoke temperature variations are primarily caused by the amount of surrounding air (or water) that blends with the smoke on it’s journey from combustion to your lips.

Your final smoke temperature will depend on:

  • Environmental conditions of where you’re smoking
  • How you’re smoking (blunt, bong, pipe)
  • Total distance the smoke travels 

Bongs and Water Pipes offer the coolest smoke sesh because of the total distance smoke travels and the increased airflow circulation cooling down the hit.

On the contrary – blunts & joints maintain a concentrated stream of smoke that travels a short distance. Retaining much more heat. 

Ways to smoke


Burning Temperature: 1500°F
Final Smoke Temperature: 150-200°F
  • Portable, convenient, and discreet
  • No paraphernalia or accessories to hide
  • Hottest smoking temperatures

Blunts and joints offer a completely different smoking experience compared to glass water pipes or bongs.

Hand-rolled methods of smoking are popular because of the portable convenience and there is no paraphernalia to stash after smoking.

This convenience trades off for a much higher smoking temperature and slightly less efficiency for conserving your material.

Burning Temperature: 1000-2000° F
Final Smoke Temperature: 125-150° F
  • Portable, convenient, and semi-discreet
  • Popular for smoking on-the-go (hiking, traveling, concerts, etc)
  • Cooler smoking temperatures than

Hand pipes are the medium point between glass water pipes a hand-rolled smoking.

Convenient little glass bowls offer a portable, quick smoking experience with a slightly smoother and cooler finish than blunts/joints.

Glass smoking pipes are usually equipped with a carb that gives you better control of the airflow (and temperature) of your smoke.

The bonus points here are awarded for the convenient portability of taking hand pipes just about anywhere to smoke. Smaller smoking pipes are often the preferred choice for beginner smokers because of their simplicity compared to using a bong for the first time. 



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The Classic Bong

Some connoisseurs defend the notion that a “bong” has very distinctive features; and can be clearly defined.

This specific opinion/definition of a bong has the following features:

  • Glass water pipe to smoke
  • Upright vertical smoke tube (must be straight)
  • Medium or larger in size
Any Water Pipe = Bong

A less concerned  population follows the simple notion that any water pipe for smoking is a bong.

This keeps things simple and nobody has to get lost in the details or definitions.

As with many cultural concepts – no one opinion is right or wrong. It’s important to recognize and respect the various thoughts

Our Opinion on The Bong

Here at Bee-High we found a middle-road that keeps everybody happy and makes it easy for you to find your favorite type of bong or water pipe. 

  • All of our water pipes for use are called bongs
  • They are split into 2 categories:
    • Classic – The traditional original upright bong style
    • Angled –  Bent or angled modern glass pipes
Burning Temperature: 1000-2000° F
Final Smoke Temperature: 100-125° F (cooler with ice)
  • Smoothest and most unique smoking experience
  • Most popular for smoking at home
  • Coolest smoking temperatures

Welcome to the main event!

Water pipes, most often called bongs, are the most popular smoking choice among seasoned smokers.  

These bubbling beauties offer a fun, strong and smooth smoke session. Using bongs for smoking is arguably “better” than most other ways of smoking (except vaporizing).

Smoking a bong is the coolest way to smoke. Literally.

The average smoke temperatures of a water pipe are much lower than other methods of consumption.These temperatures drop even lower for bongs that utilize heavy percolation or ice chambers.

A glass bong is the go-to choice for any smoker comfortable in their home. The only down-side to most water pipes is the lack of portability to take them everywhere.



Keeping up with all the types of glass water pipes on the market can be a chore sometimes. Does this sound familiar?

I know what type of smoking experience I want. But it can be difficult to know what type of glass is best for me. 

Say no more, friend!  The answer for everything you need to know is here. This unit will guide you through:

  • Bong Types
  • Base Shapes
  • Percolator Types
  • Downstem Types
  • Fittings and Sizes
  • Bong Sizes

Basic Bong Types

The general size and shape of your bong directly affects your overall experience in several ways. From the drag (total resistance level while inhaling) to even the comfort level. Each element of the bong offers a slightly different benefit that you can custom-tailor to your preferences and enjoy smoking even a little bit more!



The legendary classic. Straight-tube bongs are such a popular choice among smokers that it has become an iconic image used to represent the culture.

The function and “feel” of the classic upright bong is a legitimately unique experience. The definitive “chugging/rumbling/bubbling” of a bong can’t be replicated by any other type of smoking. For this reason; you’ll most likely find one (or more) of these classic upright bongs in the stash of every connoisseur.

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Perfect For:

  • The Classic “Bong” Experience – If the bursting bubbles of splashing smoke in an upright bong make you a little too happy inside; then this is the glass for you.
  • Daily Smokers – For the proud stoners that rip through bowls on a daily basis; this is a great choice for consistent reliable smoke sessions on the regular.
  • The Heat-Haters (and Ice Lovers) – Some people simply do not enjoy the hot smoke that comes along with smoking blunts, joints, or pipes.This is an excellent alternative because straight tube bongs deliver the coolest smoking experience because of the increased distance smoke travels in total. Additionally; this also makes it the perfect choice for anyone who loves to load up the bong with ice for an extra chilly smoke sesh.

Meet the new kid on the block. Angled water pipes are a more modern glass bong design that is rising in popularity as artists get more creative with forward-thinking designs.

The angled bong experience is usually more “casual” than the eventful process of smoking an upright bong. Instead of a “chugging” feeling – You enjoy a lighter bubbly smoke session similar to just sipping from something sitting on the table. Some claim that the angled glass bubblers offer a more comfortable smoking experience overall.  You’ll often find these types of pieces decked out with some fashion of percolators (more on those coming later). Forward-thinking smokers looking for an extra smooth smoke sesh will be in heaven here.

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Perfect For:

  • Multi-Task Smokers – Enjoy a tabletop smoke sesh within arms reach at any time while you’re working (or playing). Smoke some, set it aside, work some, repeat.
  • Smooth Sailors – Anyone looking for the smoothest smoke possible. You’ll discover these angled water pipes are usually loaded up with a nice set of percolators. These innovative percs and modern glass designs combine for a cloudy white ship a smooth sailing.
  • Innovators – The new generation of smokers have developed a favorable taste for these sleek glass pipes. Innovation meets functionality when you find your favorite.

These are the kids that beat up the new kid on the block from the paragraph before. As innovation rises; the limitless creativity of glass artists is emerging in the form of elegant, complex, beautiful, and sometimes just outright crazy glass pipes.

Recyclers are one of the more popular designs emerging. This creative glass water pipe utilizes 2 separate, but connected chambers that recycle smoke through one another for an ultra-refined finish.

Heady glass dominates the artistic and creative side of glass water pipes. These are the intricate $200-$20,000 pieces you see tucked away safely in the glass cases at your local head shop. The creative minds of stoners are unleashing beautiful glass bongs of every shape, color, design, texture, you could imagine.

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Perfect For:

  • Glass Collectors – If you’re after a truly one-of-a-kind piece, then finding a non-traditional bong from these categories is definitely the best place to start. This is where glass artists release their full creativity.
  • Smoking Selfies and Pictures – Okay, you don’t have to admit it. But IF you want to take some badass smoking selfies showing off your next-level bong game; this is your first stop. These innovative glass bong designs will break “beyond the basics” and elevate your smoking game.
  • The Social Smokers – These unique glass water pipe designs are a premier choice for blazing a sesh with the homies and smoking it up with the ladies. Your unique water bong will be the epicenter of a fun, memorable smoke session that will keep every one asking, “who’s loading the next bowl?”



What does a bong perc do?

Water pipes with percolators offer a smoother, cooler smoke session. Bong percolators work based around the concept of diffusion

Diffusion – the spreading of something more widely

Percolators (often called Percs) spread your smoke out to a wider volume.

The smoke from your bong rip disperses and combines with fresh air and water to cool it down and smooth it out.


The downstem of a bong affects your smoke session as well.

Different setups change the level of diffusion (mentioned above) and can even help keep your favorite bong clean. 

Regular Downstem (Classic)


The classic “slide” downstem is one of the most popular styles.

You’ll see this original setup in many bong and water pipes. The bottom of this downstem submerges slightly below the surface level of the water within your bong.

1 precaution – beware of resin clogs in the tube. (You can clear these out with a small toothpick, paperclip, or any other item of your choice.)

Diffused Downstem (Modern)


Diffused downstems offer similar function to the standard downstem – but with enhanced diffusion.
Diffused downstems disperse your smoke to a wider volume.
Which means bongs with a diffused downstem have an extra layer of percolation right from the start.
Direct-Inject (Stemless)


Direct-inject style bongs are growing in popularity.

These modern-style pieces don’t use a traditional downstem tube that submerges into the water – which means NO resin clogs!

Quick cleaning and easy-to-switch bowls/fittings have made direct-inject style bongs a modern classic.

But if you ever have a dirty bong on your hands – Check out the complete guide How To Clean Your Bong (in 5 simple steps)



Bong bowls and fitting sizes are actually a simple concept to understand if you just think of 3 standard sizes instead of precise numbers.

Almost all bong fittings are standardized into  3 sizes. Small, Medium, and Large

The exact terms/numbers used for these 3 sizes vary in the community. But here is the most popular general consensus. 

  • 10mm (Small) – AKA; 9.9mm, micro joint
  • 14mm (Medium) – AKA; 14.4mm, 14.5 mm, standard joint
  • 19mm (Large) – AKA; 18.8mm, 18mm, large joint
  • Custom Sizes – Although most glass bongs fall into these 3 standard sizes; some artists choose the use custom fitting sizes that are usually accompanied with a matching pre-fitted bowl.


Bong Sizes

Small Bongs
  • Around 8 inches or less
  • Best for semi-portable, convenient smoking
  • Easiest to hide or stash
  • Least amount of drag – easy to hit 
Medium Bongs
  • About 8 to 14 inches tall
  • Best for casual or repetitive smoking
  • Easiest to hold, load, and smoke
  • The most popular size range
Large Bongs
  • 14 inches and taller
  • Best for eventful or social smoking
  • Most often stored in a visible location
  • Recommended for seasoned smokers


A new generation of culture is emerging.

A revolution is on the horizon.

The social, legal, and even physical ways of smoking will be in consistent progression year-after-year. 

Bee-High is currently researching and developing 3D-printing technologies, poly-carbonate materials, and hybridized glass water pipe designs and other smoking devices equipped for the future of smoking culture.

3-D Printing and bongs


The convergence of 3D-Printing and traditional glass bong design has begun. Although first-model designs are being produced; 3D-printed bongs are currently too expensive and time-consuming to be effective at the consumer-market level. However; a few years of Moore’s law and progressive cost reduction will soon be opening up a whole new world of smoking possibilities.

Imagine… creating a functional smoking device limited only to creativity. From your favorite Pokemon pipe or an intricate multi-chamber star-shaped bong. Designs will be virtually limitless.



Beyond the initial design of the bong – new materials are emerging to actually produce the water pipes.

Poly-Carbonates are a transparent, durable plexiglass-like material that is more impact-resistant than both glass and plastic – how convenient.

Lay-Ceramic is a clay-based 3D-printing filament that produces smooth ceramic material that can be used for classic pipes and bongs with modern design. 

Reactive Glass is exactly what is sounds like. Glass that is reactive to your touch, the environment, and even smoking conditions.

Imagine… dropping a beautiful glass-like bong and it does NOT break. Or a chromatic color-changing bong that adjusts to temperature.



And of course our traditional glass bongs aren’t going to be gone anytime soon. You’ll see a wave of hybrid-style bongs and attachments that utilize the above technologies combined with your current water pipe.

Imagine… A temperature-controlled bowl with no lighter needed. A vaporizer chamber that maximizes efficiency of your material and attaches to any bong or water pipe.

Lead the new generation.

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