Stocking Stuffers and Smokers Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffers & Best Gifts for Stoners


‘Tis the season for the gift idea pressure to be turned up. Stocking stuffer ideas stump a lot of gift givers during the holiday season. Medicinal and recreational marijuana are steadily becoming common knowledge and dare-I-say, mainstream. Maybe this is your first year shopping in the industry for yourself or someone you love. Whether it is a stocking stuffer for your best friend, a gift for your significant other, or a Pot-Luck with your friends, here are our best gift ideas for smokers that they’ll actually use.

raw trident stocking stuffer

Raw Trident
I don’t know any party that is complete without a trident. Gift this to a friend, spouse or spice and you’ll reap the benefits as well. Made to fit 3 King Size Cones, this will keep the Holiday Party burning all night long!

raw cone stoner gift

Raw Cones
If you gift the trident, definitely bring a pack of 3 King Size Cones. If you’ve never smoked a cone before, they’re amazing. You don’t need to know how to roll, just funnel the weed in, twist the top and it’s perfect every time.


Bong Buddy Best Stoner Lighter Holder

Bong Lighter Holder
The best gift for anyone who has a bong! Bong Buddy is the best bong lighter holder. With a retractable leash for your lighter you’ll never forget to put it back. Always have a light when and where you need it! Social smoker? Perfect for groups!


Debowler Ashtray

Debowler Ash-Tray
An incredibly handy tool that has a poker built into the ashtray so that you are never left struggling to empty the remains. Just flip your bowl or pipe upside down, use the poker and the ashes with fall into the ashtray, not back into the bowl!



Have you ever wondered how much weed you would have if it never fell out of your bowl when you put it in your bag or pocket? I think about that every time I reach in my pocket and feel weed crumbs or look at the bottom of my purse. This is truly a weed saver for any regular bowl smoker. Just slide it over any bowl you want to save for later or to keep it from spilling!


Res Caps
Cleaning your bongs and rigs can be a real pain, covering your bong’s openings in order to get the job done is one of the worst parts. Res Caps are silicone caps that make a miserable job a breeze. They fit virtually all size bongs and rigs. Pour your cleaning solution, slide them on and shake away! You may recognize these from our How To Clean A Bong Guide!


herb preserve best stoner gift idea

Herb Jar
I’ve been an Herb Preserve lover for a few years now. I still don’t think there is a better or cheaper quality stash container on the market. Coming in several different sizes and available with Prime Shipping, you can’t beat it. This is a UV protected container for your nugs, keeping them fresher, longer!


Happy Daddy Pipe Pal Stoner Stocking Stuffers

Dab Tool
If you know a concentrate lover this is the best tool to get them! Beginners and connoisseurs alike need a quality dab tool to get the job done. Keep it easy and clean with the Happy Daddy Pipe Pal!


Let's get high throw pillow

Throw Pillow
This throw pillow was a sweet find on Etsy. A whimsical stoner-chic pillow is a fun touch to a bedroom or living room.


Marijuana Cookie Mix
Everyone agrees that edible gifts are amazing. Why not get them the ultimate edible gift? This pack of Marijuana Cookie Mixes is everything you need to make your own holiday marijuana infused cookies, just add weed!


stashlogix weed travel case

Scent-Proof Travel Container
StashLogix makes a quality and relatively affordable stash case and travel bag. Traveling is really tough with cannabis. Between packing up your tools and your cannabis, plus sometimes dealing with scent, things can get tricky quickly. StashLogix has a place for everything plus scent protection!


wire brush

Wire Cleaners/Bristle Brushes
Wire cleaners and bristle brushes are a household item for most regular smokers. Help them stash up on these and they’ll surely appreciate it! In my opinion, using these brushes is the best way to clean a bong.

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